Election Result Manipulation Evidence

Check out the sample data from the Form 45s and their respective results compilation that gives irrefutable evidence of PTI candidates winning in these constituencies. Stay tuned as we unveil further compelling proof of election result manipulation.

Some candidates are still outside ROs office and some are in hiding without internet access hence the delay in getting all Form 45 sheets.

GE 2024 Election Results – Form 45

National Assembly Seats

# Constituency Winning PTI Candidate Rigging Evidence
NA 46 Islamabad Aamer Masood NA46-Form 45s
NA 47 Islamabad Shoaib Shaheen NA47-Form 45s
NA 48 Islamabad Syed Muhammad Ali Bokhari NA48-Form 45s
NA 49 Attock Tahir Sadiq NA49-Form 45s
NA 50 Attock Eman Waseem NA50-Form 45s
NA 51 Murree Muhammad Latasob Satti NA51-Form 45s
NA 53 Rawalpindi Ajmal Sabir Raja NA53-Form 45s
NA 54 Rawalpindi Azra Masood NA54-Form 45s
NA 55 Rawalpindi Muhammad Basharat Raja NA55-Form 45s
NA 56 Rawalpindi Shehryar Riaz NA56-Form 45s
NA 57 Rawalpindi Seemabia Tahir NA57-Form 45s
NA 58 Chakwal Ayaz Amir NA58-Form 45s
NA 59 Chakwal Muhammad Roman Ahmed NA59-Form 45s
NA 60 Jhelum Hassan Adeel NA60-Form 45s
NA 63 Gujrat Sajid Yousaf NA63-Form 45s
NA 64 Gujrat Qaisra Elahi NA64-Form 45s
NA 69 Mandi Bahauddin Kousar Parveen NA69-Form 45s
NA 71 Sialkot Rehana Dar NA71-Form 45s
NA 77 Gujranwala Rashida Tariq NA77-Form 45s
NA 87 Khushab Umar Aslam Khan NA87-Form 45s
NA 106 Toba Tek Singh Khalid Nawaz NA106-Form 45s
NA 117 Lahore Ali Ijaz NA117-Form 45s
NA 126 Lahore Malik Touqeer Abbas Khokhar NA126-Form 45s
NA 128 Lahore Salman Akram Raja NA128-Form 45s
NA 139 Pakpattan Rao Omar Hashim Khan NA139-Form 45s
NA 148 Multan Taimur Altaf Malik NA148-Form 45s
NA 151 Multan Meher Bano Qureshi NA151-Form 45s
NA 163 Bahawalnagar Shaukat Basra NA163-Form 45s
NA 164 Bahawalpur Malik Ejaz Ahmed Guddan NA164-Form 45s
NA 168 Bahawalpur Sami Ullah Chaudhary NA168-Form 45s
NA 219 Hyderabad Mustansir Billah NA219-Form 45s
NA 232 Karachi Adeel Ahmed NA232-Form 45s
NA 233 Karachi Muhammad Haris NA233-Form 45s
NA 234 Karachi Faheem Khan NA234-Form 45s
NA 235 Karachi Saif ur Rahman NA235-Form 45s
NA 236 Karachi Alamgir Khan NA236-Form 45s
NA 237 Karachi Zahoor ud Din NA237-Form 45s
NA 238 Karachi Haleem Adil Sheikh NA238-Form 45s
NA 239 Karachi Muhammad Yasir NA239-Form 45s
NA 240 Karachi Ramzan NA240-Form 45s
NA 241 Karachi Khurram Sher Zaman NA241-Form 45s
NA 242 Kemari Dawa Khan NA242-Form 45s
NA 243 Karachi Shujaat Ali NA243-Form 45s
NA 244 Karachi Aftab Jahangir NA244-Form 45s
NA 245 Karachi Ata Ullah NA245-Form 45s
NA 246 Karachi Malik Arif Awan NA246-Form 45s
NA 247 Karachi Syed Abbas Husnain NA247-Form 45s
NA 248 Karachi Arsalan Khalid NA248-Form 45s
NA 249 Karachi Barrister Uzair Ghouri NA249-Form 45s
NA 250 Karachi Riaz Hyder NA250-Form 45s

More data is coming soon....